Sunday, May 3, 2009

J'S RACING FD2 TYPE-R チタニウム エキゾーストシステム FX 70RS ブルー

To the full titanium series of great popularity
"70Φ street muffler" finally appears.

Made of super-light all titanium/single silencer exhaust system
6.1kg in weight
- 7.4kg every purity 13.5kg can be lightened.

2400 2000cc(STD) -cc of FD2 TYPE-R all cars (infinity RR inclusion)(engine displacement UP)
It is the best for [haichu-n] cars of the high cam installation and the four strings throttle installation etc. of each engine displacement.

Taking a sight to the street scene, uniting a best power & volume, and achieving it are 70RS.
This product set the specification for the street user while adopting the same size as 70RR 70φ.
A low-speed inside is not sacrificed and power-up & torque is improved by the whole area by changing the caliber of the main pipe to purity 54φ→70φ and adopting the pipe removing turning of a straight structure.
(our company DYNAPACK TEST result 8.2ps power UP)

I will promise a power feeling felt comfortable in which the feeling is valued and a dry VTEC sound.

- After the catalyst, it installs it.
- Made of all titanium
- Blue single type/tail

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